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Friday, June 7, 2019

A Flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden

The other day, we had gone to see a movie in the theatre. We were 5 mins late, so lights were off. Our seats were in second last row from top, and that too in the middle.

Have you noticed the feeling that we get while moving towards our seats - we have to maintain a certain balance to either not fall over or trample upon someone's feet. Not to mention, experienced ones are always happy to straighten their legs just in case, their legs would become sitting ducks.

One thing that brought smile to me was a small gesture from a guy. He had put on the mobile torch and directed towards the floor. This made passers by realize the ground ahead with clear understanding of the feet locations. It not only saved his legs, but nearby ones too, and it brought a sense of ease in the stance of marching team.

Quite a simple thing to even notice, but i was really intrigued by the common sense shown. It is said, Common Sense is a flower that doesn't flower in everyone's garden. However, we can always make a sincere attempt to cultivate and grow one.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Eat while eating, Sleep while sleeping!!

A short beautiful story about a Master and a Student. The student asked, "How to ingest meditation into our daily life"

He said, "By eating and sleeping, of course"

Perplexed, student asked, "Everyone does that-  whats the difference"

The Master replied, "Ah - when i eat, i eat !! when i sleep, i sleep !!"

Its as simple as that, or rather we can say as complex as that. Being in the moment is what everyone lags nowadays. Imagine playing when we play and laughing when we laugh. A world filled with people who lives and feel every moment, without attributing a right or a wrong to it. 

Sometimes, we carry more than needed - only if we let go, would we become ready to be in the moment.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Crossing Roads In Peace

This is about one of that instance when we know how a small act makes a world of difference to someone else. I am narrating one of my friends habit, which was sweet and worth mentioning.

While driving, whenever he sees someone trying to cross the road, he deliberately slows down and gestures to go ahead. He does it in a controlled manner and his opinion is that if we slows down, behind ones would also, thus giving ample time for passing by. I could clearly view the surprise on people's face, coming to terms on this gesture. Some are taken aback as there was no reason to.

Of course, there is nothing much into it. I just wanted to pen this one, for it may sound and look normal, but the hidden smile on those walking by, could not be ignored.

There are so many ways out there, lets choose one sometime, if not often, helping without any reason. It may make a difference for others, and in turn may make a difference in you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Maryada Purushottaman Rama

The other day I was watching a youtube video and the subject of matter striked me, straight.

The conversation was about the life of Lord Rama. It was about his life, which seemed to be a series of problems strewn throughout his lifetime. It was a perspective which was known by me but never thought upon via this angle.

Of course, conversation was not about the problems but on the supreme deity himself. The reason for which we call him Maryada Purush Ram - one who abides and follows righteousness, despite hardships around.

Imagine being outcast because of political gimmicks in his home kingdom, imagine 14 years exile in a forest and for sure it must have been very hard, imagine Ravana creating havoc in his life and the war that followed - and so many  incidents highlighted in Ramayana.

Still this man stood his ground, had the perfect calmness and demeanour, unwavering from the position of right whatever was the situation in front. It's not easy, it's definitely not easy to maintain a composure of a lotus in a pond. The way his mind would have not allowed any weed of wrong, useless and impure thoughts to dwell on.

We often say as he was Lord, he must have had the strength and power to sustain, but was the epic out there only to revere the supremeness or something else ?

Does the scripture we read in schools only about teaching our children as stories or is it something more ? Does it  also tell us to learn, compare, understand and act the way an example was set eons ago by one man, in our own life.Even if we imbibe an iota of what our religious scriptures says via a story, it should do wonders.

The irony is we all know in our mind space about the lessons but using it in our own lives seems a distant cry as it is sometimes seemingly impractical. No one can teach us how for its our own journey. Even to arrive at whether we can or whether we can't is upon us.

Not sure if it helps, when we are in a situation, try to think for a minute how Lord Rama would have acted. Leave aside the God factor and think in terms of a perfect man. What would he do, how would he act, how would he think - then if possible and if we believe, let's act the same.

In this way, if we can find Him inside us more often, I believe he will guide us with the right actions always in divine order.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Knowing the Importance

We know the importance of fan
When it stops revolving
We know the importance of light
When power goes off

We know the importance of sun
When it rains hard
We know the importance of rain
When it is scorchingly hot

We know the importance of birds
When there is eerie silence
We know the importance of trees
When we need a shade

We know the importance of food
When we are hungry
We know the importance of water
When we feel thirsty

We know the importance of money
When we have scarcity
We know the importance of time
When we have none to spend

We know the importance of love
When the heart is united
We know the importance of giving
When the receiver has happy eyes

We know the importance of smile
When we see a newborn
We know the importance of ordinary
When we see the extra behind

If we know the importance
Without knowing the importance
Everything would be One for us
Intrinsic would be the ultimate universe !!